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Heavy canvas tote bag

Heavy canvas tote bag

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When you have a lot of luggage, you want a bag that is extremely light! Introducing a tote bag that we are proud of in response to your needs!
This item has a simple look, and is easy to use, allowing you to carry a variety of items without hesitation. In addition to the size that fits A4 size comfortably, the gusset is wide◎

Equipped with external pockets for easy storage of small items such as smartphones! It has a neat design, so it is an item that can be used regardless of the season.


This item is made of thick canvas material that does not lose its shape and has a firm texture.

A classic canvas tote bag can be added to your everyday outfit for a mature casual look◎
French look styling such as cut and sewn chino pants will enhance the atmosphere!

It definitely goes well with standard items such as sweatshirts, parkas, long T-shirts, chinos, and shorts.

Product details
Material: Canvas
Size: 52CM * 40CM
Related categories: Accessories/small items/Bags

Gender type: Men's

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