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Street style cuban chain necklace

Street style cuban chain necklace

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This accessory instantly makes the neck area stand out, giving it a handmade feel and solid feel.
Cuban chains are very difficult to make by hand and tend to get twisted when handmade, so they are generally made by machine.
A flat type clasp is used to prevent the hook from getting caught on knitted or loosely knitted clothing when using a regular hook. It is designed so that you can live a stress-free life while wearing the bracelet.
Made of high-quality titanium that will not rust, it is lightweight and stress-free, which is its attractive point. It doesn't cause metal allergies, so you don't have to worry about it for daily use.
Easy to put on and take off, a must-have item for HIP HOP style, B style, and street style fashion.
This accessory is also recommended as a gift, such as a birthday present for your boyfriend.

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Material: Titanium
Related categories: Accessories/small items /Accessories
Gender type: Men's
Size: Width: 1.1cm
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