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2 types to choose from: Yarn-dyed denim & wool blend casquette

2 types to choose from: Yarn-dyed denim & wool blend casquette

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A casquette is a type of hunting hat. In America and other countries, it is called the newsboy cap because it was worn by newspaper sellers. In Germany, it is also called a Ballonmütze because the top of the head bulges out like a balloon.
The snap button on the brim adds to the design, and the back is made of rubber so it fits snugly around your head.
It features a plump and voluminous form made from eight pieces of cloth sewn together around the top button at the top of the head.
Available in two types: wool blend herringbone twill and yarn-dyed cotton denim.
Made of wool blend herringbone twill fabric, the pattern is characterized by a loose V-shape that is combined vertically and horizontally. It has both flexibility and durability, and has excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties.
Made with yarn-dyed cotton denim, the surface of the fabric has a unique luster and can be enjoyed over time unlike other materials. Furthermore, it has excellent durability and can be used for a long time.
Bring the body to the back to create a newsboy style, bring it to the front to create a hunting style, and bring it to the side to create a beret style.
It has plenty of volume, so you can easily create a mood just by putting it on. Of course it goes well with work style, but it also goes well with casual wear in general.

Product details
① 65% wool + 35% nylon + 5% acrylic resin
②100% cotton denim
Head circumference -
Free size: up to 56-62cm
Related categories: Accessories/small items/Hat
Gender type: Men's/Unisex
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