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Brass shark bullet pendant genuine leather chain necklace

Brass shark bullet pendant genuine leather chain necklace

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This item is a genuine leather chain necklace that is a stylish item that can be used as a necklace or an accessory. A bullet pendant top designed to resemble a shark's head. When you open the cap, it is hollow inside and can store small items. The tip is beautifully engraved, and the surface is engraved with ``Every bullet has its billet'', giving it an antique feel. The well-calculated beauty of form and the high level of skill that brings it to life. By using brass, which changes over time, you can enjoy the "aging" and "aging" characteristic of brass materials, creating a texture that has been used for many years, and creating an overall rustic atmosphere.

Stand the attention of those around you with unique accessories and enjoy fashion by incorporating them into your outfit.
Product details
Chain: Genuine leather
Pendant: Brass
Weight: 11.91g
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