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Bliss military engraved C-shaped bracelet

Bliss military engraved C-shaped bracelet

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A manly shaped bracelet that is indispensable for military style, easy to put on and take off.

Based on the military bracelet, which was originally created as a commemorative bracelet, it is engraved with texts and marks to bring good luck and courage to people.
・The military-style engraving [if the enemy is in range, so are you] [Maden 6 Bliss 201103] gives it a vintage feel.
・A bangle with a simple design that can be matched with any style.
・This item does not make too much of an statement, so you can layer it with other bracelets etc.
・It will not look sarcastic and will give you a stylish look. Masu.

・Simple outfits and crisp setups
Go well with playful outfits it's recommended.
・Recommended for matching looks, presents, and gifts.
Since it has an "opening" and is in the shape of the alphabet "C", How to attach the C type is
1. Make a cut in the bangle from the side (side) of the thinnest part of the wrist
2. Rotate the bangle in the same place
3. You can wear it by sliding it to the appropriate place from your wrist to your elbow.

The width is 13mm. *Can be worn by unisex.

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