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retro pineapple pile muffler

retro pineapple pile muffler

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Product description

Mufflers are a typical winter accessory. This item is perfect for protecting against the cold, as well as for elevating your outfit. The loose knit fabric gives it a vintage look, and the pineapple pile also adds volume. The length is just right, neither too long nor too short, allowing you to create a variety of fashionable ways to wrap it.

As a muffler, it not only retains heat, but is also woven with 16.5% wool and 83.5% acrylic blend material, making it fluffy, soft, and feels great on the skin. Available in two popular muffler colors, navy and gray, it goes well with most colors.

■Product details

Material: 83.5% acrylic + 16.5% wool
Related categories: Accessories/small items/mufflers

Length: 180cm Width: 34cm

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