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Brass chain leather dog tag necklace

Brass chain leather dog tag necklace

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This necklace is made from a dog tag, which is one of the most popular accessories, by combining cow leather and brass, each piece carefully crafted by a skilled leather craftsman.
The English letters are embossed on the surface of the dog tag, creating a texture that recreates the antique feel, creating a leather that becomes more flavorful the more it is used.
By using a brass chain, you can enjoy the "aging" and "aging" characteristic of brass materials, creating a texture that has been used for many years, and creating an overall rustic atmosphere.
Not only can it be worn as a necklace, but it can also be worn on a belt or bag, making it a unique accessory that will grab everyone's attention and add it to your outfits for a stylish look. Please.

■Product details
Material: Vegetable tanned leather + brass
Related categories: Accessories/small items /Accessories
Gender type: Men's
Body: 3.3cm*5.8cm*4mm
Chain: 80cm

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