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50’s Reprint 2WAY Arnel Glass

50’s Reprint 2WAY Arnel Glass

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2WAY glasses are used by layering the frames of sunglasses without temples on top of glasses.
This item is a reprint of a popular model released in the 1950s. Features a straight blow line and diamond-shaped rivets. Although it has volume, the lines are sharp and give a sense of strength and delicacy. The hook type eliminates the need to change glasses and sunglasses, so you can easily put them on and take them off. The joints have also been improved, allowing the sunglasses and glasses to fit snugly together, preventing light from entering through gaps. It has a structure that does not come off easily and is equipped with a polarizing function that suppresses reflections from road and water surfaces, making it ideal for commuting, shopping, traveling, as well as driving and outdoor scenes.
The minimal frame body gives off a sense of quality, and the simple yet decorative plates are both functional and fashionable, and when worn, the impression of the glasses changes completely.

Product details

Weight: 40g
Material: Super engineering plastic

Glasses: Weight including lenses
Lens width: 140mm
Bridge (nose part) width: 23mm
Temple length: 145mm

Removable sunglasses: demo lenses and attachments included
One lens width: 50mm
Bridge (nose part) width: 20mm

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