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50~70s American casual denim casquette

50~70s American casual denim casquette

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A casquette is a type of hunting hat. In America and other countries, it is called the newsboy cap because it was worn by newspaper sellers. In Germany, it is also called a Ballonmütze because the top of the head bulges out like a balloon.
This item has a big silhouette with plenty of volume at the crown, making it a focal point of your outfit just by wearing it. The back is made of rubber so it fits snugly on your head. In order to eliminate the awkwardness that is unique to newsboy caps when wearing them, we created an original pattern that allows you to easily determine the shape of the hat. Bring the body to the back to create a newsboy style, bring it to the front to create a hunting style, and bring it to the side to create a beret style. Made of 13.5oz denim fabric that can be worn all seasons, it can be worn without stress, and the size can be adjusted with the adjustable slider.
It has plenty of volume, so you can easily create a mood just by wearing it. Of course it goes well with work style, but it also goes well with casual wear in general.

Product details

Material: 13.5oz denim
Head circumference-
S size: up to 57-59cm
M size: up to 58-60cm
Brim: 6cm
Height: 11cm
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