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Washed denim pants with flap pockets

Washed denim pants with flap pockets

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"Hige" is synonymous with "whisker", and this is the term used to refer to the distressed processing that reproduces this handmade hit. Whisker is written as "Whisker" in English and means "whisker".
Expressed in light and light colors, the washed finish gives the coloring a naturally faded look that adds a touch of saltiness to your styling.
The original tuck button with a dazzling finish creates a calm atmosphere and goes well with heavy denim. The size and position of the two flap pockets on the back are well-balanced, and the label is simple yet gives off a unique presence. Attention to detail and full of texture.
By using cotton, this fabric has both a vintage-like look and a bulky texture. While being conscious of the natural fading of the beard and the chafing of the thighs that occur when worn, the overall color brings out the texture of the fabric, and is finished in consideration of the balance with the shaved areas of the beard and thighs. ing.
The ankle length makes it easy to create an outfit that leaves a clean and good impression, and is perfect for stability.It not only goes well with tops, but also with sneakers or leather shoes.
The fabric has an atmospheric feel from the beginning, but the more you wear it, the more it leaves room for you to develop your own style, making it a masterpiece that you can enjoy changing over time.

Care: Washable
Fabric thickness: Standard
Silhouette: Straight
Stretchability: None
Lining: None

■Product details
Material: 100% cotton
Related categories: Bottoms/Denim pants
Gender type: Men's

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